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Marcin is a developer, entrepreneur and business angel. He has worked for years as a software architect for leading IT companies in USA, Panama and Poland. He has run a consulting company and software house since 2011 focused on cloud computing and mobile – CloudExpert.pl.

He is a trusted advisor to CEOs, CTOs and CIOs in discussions on application development and application life-cycle management, often engaging with CEOs and management boards on strategic business planning and mapping it to ICT goals.

Presenter and speaker, mentor and jury member during many events. An active participant and supporter of leading industry events - conferences, seminars, hackathons, etc.

He has an external role from Microsoft as Regional Director since 2014 – helping Microsoft product teams to better understand the market and customers. He has transitioned more than 100 companies across Central and Eastern Europe (and startups) to Azure, making win-backs from AWS, Google Cloud and IBM Cloud. 
He’s actively engaged in all Microsoft activities targeted to support Startup Ecosystem. 
He’s the person behind the success of Microsoft BizSpark and Microsoft BizSpark Plus programs in Poland. 
Connecting new business ventures with investors / business angels, venture capitalist and private equity funds.

Provide technical direction and leadership.
Design, Architect, and Develop high performance, scale invariant systems and interactive AI-assisted services.
Focused on answering complex business questions using a mix of analytics, data science, machine learning and natural language processing against huge amounts of data collected from disparate sources (i.e. internal databases, social media, etc.) and typically stored differently (i.e. SQL/NoSql, Hadoop, 'data lakes', etc.). 

Technical Specialties: Large-Scale Machine Learning Technologies, e-Commerce, Artificial Neural Networks (CNN/RNN), Deep Learning, Search Ranking, Recommendation Systems, Ad Targeting, Data Mining, Text Mining, Big Data, Search Engines, Information and Knowledge Management, Predictive Analytics, Statistical Modeling, A/B Testing, Information Retrieval, Comparison Shopping Engines, Collaborative Filtering, Computer Vision, and Speech Recognition. Extensive experience with Azure ML Studio, Python, Anaconda, and R. Developing solutions on top of Apache Spark (ML/MLLib), Mesos, Marathon, Alluxio, Kafka, Apache Solr, and Docker Containers.

Serial Entrepreneur with 8 years of experience, 10 x Founder 4 x Exit.